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Presenter Mary’Ann interviews Sceye Lashes about being a confident woman in business and some of the issues that surround weight and body confidence. Samantha, the CEO of Sceye Lashes reveals a childhood secret which almost gets the camera crew very emotional. UGLTV is not holding back. We want to touch the heart and minds of people.

If you would like to develop your own show to broadcast on our platform feel free to submit your idea and we can help you develop, produce and broadcast your own show.

However, this is done on a selection basis and judged on the authenticity and relativity of your show submission. We want people who have a passion for the arts and love creating and sharing. If this is you please email:


If you are a small or media business social and platforms such as ourselves are an ideal way to reach as well as target a niche or specific market. Our exposure does just include social media but the many activities we are also associated to which can also increase your brand awareness.

Or of you have a general enquiry and just want a bit more information please feel free to call (+44) 07516116970

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