Our mission statement is:

“To provide a Platform for underground Talent, Beauty and The Culture.”

Urban Glam Life is a independent platform to support and promote the marginalized or under-represented, providing opportunities to showcase their Talents, be confident in their Beauty and appreciate The Culture.


Photo-shoots and Event Photography is one of our main activities. We have worked professionally with a number of aspiring and established models and have provided quality photography which has been confirmed to have enhanced some careers while giving others the the boost of confidence and self esteem that they need.

To discuss your photography needs please feel free to provide us with a explanation of your requirements via email leaving us a contact number and one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 3 working days finalise a “Quote” and “Confirm” a date for your designated photo shoot!

Available services:

  • HD & 4K Photography
  • Professional & Qualified Make-up Artist
  • Professional & Qualified Hair Stylist
  • Professional Male/Female Photographer and Female Chaperone. Work comfortable in a safe, healthy and professional environment.
  • Receive free marketing and promotion with UGLUK. Get your own blog & vlog feature, get invited to participate with UGLTV! UGLTV is our independent television production exploring the issues around modelling and female representation. A great opportunity to get some media production to further your public profile


With over 7 years experience media production is another big piece of work we do to create a platformn for you to utlise.

We handle our own internal media production while offering our in-house media production team who are qualified up to University level and have over 7 years experience to work on your next big project.

The extra benefits of choosing Urban Glam Life UK for your next media production is that we can give you access to a range of professional and agency registered video models as well as actors if needed to add a cinematic element to your video. Or you want to shoot your next film! Whatever you want to do visually Urban Glam Life UK can assist in your media production…

Watch the video above and catch up on one of last media productions for UGLTV…


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