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Another Champions League Final! And look what we have here…

Bayern Munich is German based Football Club who have won this elite prize 5 times where Paris St-Germain have yet to win this illustrious competition. So history would predict this competition is likely to go with experience in the form of Bayern. However, finals tend to be able to write their own script and sometimes throw a spanner in the works.

The reason my Head says Bayern is not only based on experience but on the reputation Germans have in Football. From my experience of watching Football Germans have a reputation of being very clinical and if a German Football Club takes 10 shots I would argue that 9 would be on target and at least 5 goals!

In Lewandowski they have one of the most potent Strikers on the planet. It seems almost abnormal to hear Lewandowski has not scored in a game. There must be his customary goal!

Then you have another formidable Striker who just always finds a way to score a goal to change the game. He is not your most spectacular but like the Germans can be very efficient. Oh my God he is German lol. Don’t ever rule out this guy because when you least expect it he will get you a sneaky goal and provide a platform for his team mates to go on and win the game.

Another player to watch out for in this team is a former Arsenal Player “Serge Gnarbry”. This guy has transformed since leaving Bayern Munich. Another Arsenal player who always seems to get away. We always saw the potential at Arsenal but now the guy has become a beast scoring around 22 goals consecutively. Leroy Sane is on his way but I see them both playing on both flanks. Both players are exciting to watch and bring something different to the teram. On the flanks the future definitely looks bright for Bayern.

Last but not least you have the Brazilian Couthino! I mean this guy did bits for Liverpool but it all seemed to go wrong at Barcelona.Then he comes back to score 2 goals against them in the semi final demolition. while on-loan. Crazy. No wonder the Manager was fired. I am not sure what is going on with this guy but he is definitely a talent. Even if he does not start I believe Bayern will need to apply some flair to combat the creativity in Neymar. You might need a bit of Brazilian to beat Brazilian lol.

Now on to Paris St-Germain! My heart wants PSG to win. Although I am a big fan of Germain Football the way PSG has been assembled is like a Marvel Comic. I mean the PSG front 3 is a fantasy to watch. I just mentioned Neymar. I mean this guy has thee weight of Brazil on his shoulders. After a successful spell at Barcelona this guy moved to PSG which raised a few eyebrows but the coming together of Neymar and others in this team makes all the sense. Although not the best finisher when the ball is at his feet he is marvellous and loves those little flick passes. Neymar can cause problems and be a nuisance, especially as his trickery can cause you a yellow card and a free-kick in dangerous places.

A lot of people forgot about this guy when he left Manchester United. If United had helped him adapt to life in the UK I am sure he could have been an asset. For PSG his silky runs and crosses is a Centre Forwards dream. I think he is one of the reasons Cavani did so well. Just wait in the box and finish as Cavani did so well. He is another player who should get mentioned but it seems like he has beef with his club and is requesting a transfer, with Athletic Madrid being is likely destination.

I left the last for best! And that is this player they called “Mbappe”. This guy is so young! But the Football World has taken notice. When I say this guy is good, he is the shit! Speed, Pace, Direct, Trickery and goals. One on one this guy will leave you for dust. You will see and feel nothing buy air!PSG did well to secure this signature and keep him in France. I would describe this guy as a modern day Thierry Henry. He has his own style though, not as elegant as Henry, he is more direct than Henry. Once he is on his way to goal… Look out there could be trouble ahead.

My prediction for this years Champions League final is there will be goals. The key man for PSG will be Mbappe. The key man for PSG will be Lewandowski. My Head says Bayern will win! My Heart says PSG will win!

What is your prediction ?

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