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The other day we were asked “Why would someone come to you to buy Sneakers when they can just walk into JD Sports or Footlocker”.

The response threw me off a little because I just assumed they understood we were in the business of selling selected sneakers and casual urban clothing on our online boutique. They were into business too too so I ruled this explanation out!

In the end I concluded they were either naive or they were slimy trying to put down our boutique. Too bad it didn’t work!

The purpose of this blog is to give you some understanding in what we believe makes our Boutique a little bit unique.

Firstly, the Urban Glam Life platform is built on the pillars of Beauty, Body Positivism and The Culture. In this case our Boutique focuses on rather than women being used as objects of desire they are being used to model Sneakers and clothing while staying trendy and popular using Fashion.

In short, we believe curve and plus-size women can still be influential in modelling and marketing brands and products! Well clothes and sneakers not dreams!!!

So if you have a woman who you would like to treat why not purchase a pair fo sneakers or clothing from our exciting Boutique. And why should you ?

Here is why. We don’t aim to stock the sneakers and clothing you see so regularly in JD Sports and other retail outlets. We sought out collaborations like the NIKE AIR FORCE 1 X CARHARTT

Nike Air Force 1 x Carhartt
Available to purchase at http://www.depop.com/urbanglamlife

Or how about jazzy designs like the “NIKE AIR FORCE 1 JUST DO IT PACKED” which to be honest I would have got these for myself had I saw them in my size.

Nike Air Force 1 Just Do It Packed
Available to purchase at http://www.depop.com/urbanglamlife

Or even an unusual pair of Sneakers not commonly sold in outlets such as the “NIKE EBERNON PINK SUEDE“…

I think you get the point we are trying to make here. Every business or organisation has their strategy. We have our own and please respect us for it. We pride ourselves in selecting Sneakers and clothing that stand out, are trendy and in some cases unique. So if you are looking for something with a signature touch, something that not everyone else is wearing, or simply can’t find the size for the sneaker you are looking for ?

This is every reason you should be shopping at “Urban Glam Life Boutique“.


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