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Before I begin I would like to say that I have thought long and hard before writing this blog. The purpose of this blog is to change the narrative and set the record straight. Some of you may know me, some of you may just know the brand Urban Glam Life! If you are not aware of the Narrator then it is the founder and creative producer behind Urban Glam Life.

When I first started this brand it was to show appreciation for curvy and plus-size women. In the beginning stages I was laughed at but 5 years later people want to jump on board but have put very little if not nothing into the creation of this brand. For 5 years I have been blogging and creating this brand for FREE! This means I have not been paid for anything I have created on Urban Glam Life. I have kept going because Creativity and Media is my passion. It is what I enjoy doing!

One of the things I would like to put a stop to is the following:

  • Slander
  • Gossip
  • Lies
  • Manipulation
  • Propaganda

I have lived outside London for almost 5 years now. After returning from the lock-down to my hometown I realised something that I thought should have finished by now and that is the above.

It has come to my attention that this negativity has come from Family and So-called friends which will be dealt with internally. Some have come from people who I do not even know or have never even met! It is that ridiculous! Imagine not even being in a city but rumours are spread about you… I mean, you are not even there but some how stories are created. The craziest thing is are you getting paid to spread rumours and lies ? I have also come to understand that some of this negativity has come from ex-girlfriends and females who have tried to take advantage of me and failed.

When I mean take advantage I mean the opportunist who claim to like you but are trying to Boops you instead! I really do not have the time for that! Some even thought I was some sort of celebrity willing to swindle some cash from me not realising I am just a talented creative individual with a down to earth and laid back personality. Because of this some have felt to take advantage.

I lived in Leeds for 4.5 years and kept myself to myself. Somehow I became associated to all sort of rumours and I am getting very sick and tired of it. It has got to the point that if I am approached or I am able to get this nonsense on paper I would be happy to report it to the Police and take further action.

As I start to mature and seek other things in life I do not want to be associated to rubbish! I say this passionately because this sort of shit effects people around me. I do not deserve this nor do the people who love and care for me. SO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If you come across someone spreading rumours and malicious lies about Urban Glam Life or myself please inform us or report it. I should not have to live with this level of abuse. I am not a TV celebrity.

If I am aware you doing this Rubbish I will happily call you out and report you. SIMPLE!

However I would like to address the following points. These are statements that represent me.

Anyway enough feeling sorry for myself. Here some of the STUPID rumors people have been spreading:

  • I am Straight NOT GAY! Why do you think Urban Glam Life was created. A person with 2 brain cells can figure this one out!
  • Urban Glam Life is developing as a Business NOT Investment Group. We are a team made up of 1-2 people. This hardly means we are able to invest in any projects which can not generate a revenue. Just as you have Tasty’s Restaurant that serves food, Our service is blogging and a online boutique. Would you walk into a Restaurant and ask for Investment ?
  • I do not condone gang culture or gang violence. I am a mature man who appreciates God and where I can give thanks where I can. I have never joined or wanted to be part of a Gang.
  • I do not deal Drugs! Not even Paracetamol. This one is obvious.
  • I do not suffer from Mental Health. Everyone suffers from some sort of Mental Health but not that sort. I have yet to be diagnosed or even visit a Doctor on this matter. The last time I visited a Doctor who spoke to me on this matter was 10 years ago. Another thing to point out is that I have maintain several professional jobs plus turn a Instagram page into a small business. I create everything you see on Urban Glam Life. If I suffered from the severe Mental health some claim none of this would be possible.

I wanted to keep going but I realised the more the rant goes on then the more it is going to sound like I suffer from Mental Health. See what I did there. I realised how my actions can be perceived. This means I am more than aware. Each day I demonstrate my skills and abilities. Each day these dumb rumours are spread. I guess its a ploy to stop any progress I am making.

Oh well, that’s the way of the world. You will get those who appreciate. And you will get those who hate! That’s life! This is the world we live in today…

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