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Over the past few years it has been a pleasure writing blogs on Beauty, Body Positivity, For The Future. It is rewarding when people truly appreciate the work you are doing and do not take this as a opportunity to assume, extort or find a way to take advantage of you. As you read this you might get the feeling that we may have come across some bad experience where we have felt we are making a positive impact and for some strange reason it has not worked out like that.

But going back to those who embrace our brand and appreciate the work we do, we appreciate you. We want to meet more Beautiful souls like Monica who are happy to share their views and opinions on a matter that affects all of us in some way or another.

Body Positivity activist Jemma gave us her definition of Beauty and Body Positivity when asked her to share her thoughts and this is how it went:

What is your definition of beauty ?

My definition of beauty comes within a person. Having a beautiful soul. Being loving and kind. Making the world a better place.

Is Body Positivity a trend or an excuse for eye candy ?

I would say neither, with society today the technology, social media and people accepting the differences in each person and being able to embrace who you truly are. Also with the power of social media and the plus size influencers that show people like myself that regardless of your weight and appearance we are all beautiful and deserve to express our beauty with the world. More people have got involved with the body positive movement which has made it more knowing to others.

Should being Plussize or BBW signify you have a eating disorder ?

I have an “over” eating disorder. But…It shouldn’t. Everyone has a different story regarding their size weight. For an example it can be a health issue or genetic.

I know for myself that I would over eat due to severe mental illnesses, I ideally would have over ate when I was young as a more “socially excepting” way of coping with my issues. People wouldn’t see that as serious as taking drugs/alcohol. Over eating can be and should be more recognized a long with drugs/alcohol misuse for the impact it can have on people and the effects it can have on our health.

Thank you to @jemma_blair for sharing her thoughts with us. We appreciate it. We appreciate you!



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