Urban Glam Life was very fortunate to bump into a confident big woman in the form of Winette. Winette was one of the organizers of a showcase event that took place some time ago in London. We was invited as guest in this showcase and networking evening. We was warmly welcomed by this wonderful human being who was putting in a shift, helping with the set up and decorations for the evening. Little did we know she had a lot more in store…

Winette returned to see how we were getting on after she had a glamorous makeover. Dressed in a white and silver outfit which revealed a cleavage that could say nothing but “How do you expect me to hide” It was true. It lead to a cheeky question on her return. We had asked how does she manage, our eyes have no where else to look!

She replied there is nothing I can do about that. This is me. I am a big chested woman so I just work with it. This seemed like a good opportunity to get her perspectives on our mission statement. We asked her…

What is your definition of Beauty ?

“This goes back to the old saying “Beauty is behind the eyes of the beholder”. It depends on that person can see within because that is where true beauty lies. Beauty also reflects outwards, meaning it starts from the inside and then manifest itself outwards. Beauty also includes your “Flaws”. I believe carrying yourself appropriately will not give reason to reveal your flaws. We all have them so lets not emphasis them. Embrace them and work with them.

Learn to accept yourself for who you are and you will see your true beauty in time”

She took a deep breath before she answered the next question lol…

Body Positiivty, is it a trend or an excuse for some eye candy ? What are your thoughts ?

I am all for Body Positivity. I am a big girl. I am a Plus size woman. I accept that. I get asked all the time – How do you carry your weight ? I don’t carry it. I “own it”. And I am confident with it. However if you look at Social Media it will tell you its a trend based on celebrities like Adele and co doing weight loss stuff. For some it may be a trend but for me I believe I work with what I got. So when I can be eye candy. I can be the eye candy to someone who appreciates me because I appreciate myself.

Winette continued to discuss more on her creative ambitions and also informed us she had a passion for hair. She enjoys doing her clients hair and makeup and does the occasional baby sitting from time to time. A few more discussions during the lock-down and Winette felt passionate about doing a “Virtual Workshop” giving like minded women the opportunity to join up on a video call and experience a Virtual Workshop. This is being planned for Saturday 11th July 2020. at 1pm and ending 4pm, with a bonus hair tutorial.

If you would like to join us please use the link to purchase your Virtual Ticket via Paypal. A link will then be emailed to you giving you private access to the video link and the chance to take part and participate in a authentic workshop on Body Confidence.

Click Here To Buy Now.

All participants on the day will receive 1 years free membership to Urban Glam Life. Plus special discounts on Urban Glam Life merchandise, Ocelot Vodka plus much more…

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