One of the biggest misconceptions of social media is the fact that we tend to judge before we know the individual based off of the photos they take and how they portray themselves. Many of us are not aware of the demons we fight everyday for survival or obstacles many of us are facing. Social Media is just another outlet to advertise, market, promote or do something to just feel good about yourself. Sometimes we should just take social media for what it is and not speculate.

Urban Glam Life came across another Body Positive Activist who feels very strongly about the the topic of Beauty & Body Positivity and provided a a fresh outlook on the questions we asked. Not much is known about this Body Confident campaigner but from her profile we can gather she has a few allergies, promotes self love and is a advocate for all!

I have to say she gives a pretty thought-provoking definition of Beauty I think a lot of us can learn from. She even breaks down Body Positivity with some honesty. We asked these questions because for years we have received attacks and slander because we choose to focus on Plus-size and bigger women. While some call the women we promote fat we prefer a different abbreviation and that is P.H.A.T – Pretty Hot And Tempting!

Now on to the responses to our questions and I think you are going to like her answers:

What is your definition of Beauty and what issues do you think surround this topic ?

“I think everyone has a different definition of beauty. To some, it’s purely surface level, but to others beauty is something that comes from deep inside. It’s your personality, your strengths, your heart and soul. Beauty is who you are, not what you are. I understand that appearances play a big part in how we feel about ourselves and what we identify ourselves as, but these vessels are not who we are, they just carry all the good bits. Beauty is in the advise you give others, the support you provide. Beauty is in the friendships you make, the relationships that bring you joy, the smile on your face when you see your favorite person, the things you pour yourself into. Beauty is something all around us, it’s a state of mind. If you can bring yourself to find the beauty in difficult situations, the beauty in the mundane or boring, the beauty in heartbreak and healing- that is beauty. That is what ultimately makes you who you are.

The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” often rings true. Beauty is whatever you decide to see in yourself. Everyone is beautiful, but beauty is not one particular thing. What makes one person beautiful is not what makes the next. Our differences are our strengths, our differences are what make us beautiful. Regardless of what beauty means to everyone else, if we are able to identify our beauty, own our beauty, and celebrate that beauty? No on can take that away from you.

Body Positivity seems to be trend or is it here to say ? Or is it another excuse for eye-candy ? What are your views on this ?

Body positivity has definitely started as a trend! But I’m so glad it is. Because what started as a trend, has become an entire movement for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. It’s about representation and access for all. Sure, some could say that body positivity is purely for posting a picture of your bum on the gram, or is only to gain attention and show your body off, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But the root of body positivity is the liberation of fat bodies, it’s the stance that no matter what your body looks like, it’s deserves and is worthy of respect. Respect is not just for those we deem as attractive, respect is a basic human right. Body positivity has brought to the forefront the fact that not all bodies are meant to be the same. Humans are not cookie cutter people. Humans are not blurred and softened images.

Humans are not simply eyes candy. Humans change the world, we inspire others and help others, humans are so much more than their outward appearance. We have scars and wounds that serve as reminders of wear we’ve been. We have dimples and folds and rolls, our bodies way of keeping us safe and making room for us and the lives we lead. We have texture, we have acne, we have scars. We have worth. And that is what body positivity is to me. This notion that no matter what our vessels may look like, no matter what our bodies can do, we are all worthy.

As you can see her answers are very thoughtful and is not afraid to challenge what others think and in a way reinforces the need for Body Positivity. I think gone are the days struggling to get down to a size 8 when you are naturally a size 10 or 12 and so on. Embrace what nature gives you and appreciate it. And as she said Beauty is through the eyes of the beholder, however…

“Humans are not simply eye candy!”

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