Urban Glam Life continues to be a platform for Beauty, Body Positivity & The Culture. With it comes a responsibility to showcase all ranges of beauty and body positivity. We came across this Body Confident woman who has not only embraced her body and is proud of it but also has a passion for poetry.

We asked this sexy BBW what her views on “Beauty” and “Body Positivity” and here is how she answered:

What is your definition of “Beauty” ?

“Beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder and we should be bold ourselves with respect given to our flaws”.

What is is your definition of “Body Positivity” ? Is it another excuse for eye candy, is it a trend or is it here to stay!? What are your thoughts ?

Body Positivity is here to stay but is often interpreted by men or women who are not comfortable with any fleshy display as a sexual act.

It was a bit of a short answer but it is still appreciated. She was also kind enough to leave us with a poem too…

“Her confidence lays not in other’s eyes, but in the knowledge that she is beautiful just because she survives”.

We could not agree more.

To see more of this body confident female feel free to follow her Instagram:



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