Another insightful blog, thanks to the contribution of this insightful woman. Over the years one of the things I have learned is never to judge a book by its cover! Never look at someone and assume you know them because 99% of the time you will get it wrong.

This Tattooed Amazon has a unique look about her in the sense she loves her Tatts and lets not forget some domination type pics. Nothing wrong with that if that is your preference but a little bit more time on the scrolling and I also saw some beautiful photography and some inspiring thoughts and quotes.

She is a Writer and loves reading books. Despite her obvious confidence and bold photography she also suffers from PTSD, bi-polar, anxiety, BPD, and body dysmorphic disorder. She is also a mum, a model and a artist! Wow… and I thought I had a lot going on! You got to give credit to this woman for balancing all these and still having ambitions to one day write a book to help others cope with the same Mental Health issues. But her passion for now is the Arts and she just wants to share it with you and us.

We asked the Tattooed Amazon the famous two questions and this is how she responded:

What is your definition of Beauty ?

“My definition of beauty isn’t like others. I myself have struggled with liking my physical self. Growing up I saw how outward beauty made it seem like any door magically u locked just by a look. I never had that look. I was surrounded by feeling never enough. This lead me to figure out that true beauty lies with being able to make someone smile after they were crying. Small acts of kindness. How you treat the wait staff. Lifting someone up when it would be easier to put them down. Real beauty isn’t something you can buy, or put on, or even slap a filter on. True beauty radiate out of you. It’s in your character. So the definition of beauty for me has nothing to do with what you look like. It has everything to do with who you are and how you treat others”.

What is your definition of Body Confidence ? Is it a trend or is it here to stay ? Or is it another excuse for eye-candy ? What are your thoughts ?

“My definition of body confidence is everyone thinks everyone else has it together and they do not. Even the prettiest person you know has bad days. So for me body confidence comes from the realization that you think someone will notice that pimple or stain on your shirt. In reality most people are worried your noticing a flaw on them. So I stopped thinking about it and I wear what makes me smile and what makes me happy. So confidence is just love what you wear and only buy what makes you smile._

Excuse for eye candy? I don’t think of the human body as eye candy. We are all flesh. I don’t get why being naked would then constitute as a weird thing. Being naked doesn’t have to be sexual. Nudity is pure art. No one looks exactly the same which means we are all unique. I wish more women and men loved their bodies. We are here more than just for constantly feeling like we to fat, to skinny, not enough, to much, to big, to short, to stocky, not perfect. It’s ok to not be perfect. Just figure out how to be the happiest version of you”.

The Tattooed Amazon provides us with a valuable insight to Beauty and Body Positivity and also raises another discussion on wither being naked.nude can be considered Art! Something we may discuss at on a later date.

If you would like to follow this inspiring woman please do so by going to instagram and inserting… @tattooed_amazon



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