Finding a photo to include for this blog was a little difficult as the participant had nothing but upper body photos and hiding those natural breast must be a bit of an issue, so please don’t scrutinize me as being a boob man, I work with what I get and it is is what it is.

Boobs have been a taboo subject for a long time but in Black or Hip Hop culture small boobs, medium boobs, large boobs, is just a way of life. We focus on it as it is the parts of a woman that consciously and sub-consciously attracts a man but we don’t focus too much on it as it is considered the normal to have ample breast plus they are needed for breast feeding. So appreciate and respect them for what they are beautiful… Beautiful milk glands lol…

Any back to being serious we asked this confident woman a few questions. It was refreshing to receive another thoughtful response. We appreciate such responses as we want to be known as more than a eye candy store but a platform which is safe and healthy, and can allow us to appreciate and celebrate Beauty, Body Positivity and The Culture. Here’s how it went:

What is your definition of “Beauty” ?

” I define beauty as a combination of different qualities, being able to pleasure, providing pleasure to someone, for example visually. Lets take another example as looks, your midset or behavior. The issues that can surround this topic is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder meaning we can’t all be deemed as being ‘beautiful’ to everyone. Not everyone is fitting to what society on average classifies as beauty or being beautiful. Sometimes this can cause insecurities and lack of confidence causing some people to go to extreme lengths to look the way society wants them to look. I heard a case of a woman who was not happy with how her bottom  looks and made arrangements to have butt injections by an unqualified person because it was cheaper and as a result died. Another issue surrounding the definition of beauty is that some people will insult another if they do not think they fit the criteria of how society perceives beauty”.

What is is your definition of “Body Positivity” ? Is it another excuse for eye candy, is it a trend or is it here to stay!? What are your thoughts ?

“I think “Body Positivity is here to stay. I think people in general are fed up and tired to living up to society’s views  of how people should look and not be so accepting to all body shapes and body sizes. Not everyone can look the same and it’s important to bare in mind that different body sizes suit different people. The Body Positivity Movement helps individuals to become more confident in their skin accepting their body size and shape and others”. 

Anything to share on “The Culture” ?

“I love the Jamaican music dancehall scene and I have noticed that a lot of the female audiences of this scene are feeling pressured to have cosmetic surgery to achieve almost unrealistic body goals. It has become a massive trend within the dancehall community in which the females flock to different countries in order to get a cheaper deal with very little research done. I find this shocking and alarming. I do not have an issue with people having cosmetic surgery and I am not against it as long as it’s not done just to follow a trend, not done to please other people and research has been done on the practices and procedures. 

Thank you to Aunt Kitty who can be followed on Instagram @aunt.kitty_

To conclude on the last point of the Dancehall culture it is important to make a point that many of the women in Dancehall culture are already very attractive women who already have the curves and thiccness they desire. So I Aunt Kitty may have a point as if you are already blessed with curves why go out and get more done. I think it is important to embrace what nature has given you and work with it!. Cheaper and cost effective and less damage control. Only shake what your mama gave ya…



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