It a good feeling when you come across a like-minded and intelligent person who potentially shares the same opinions and views as you. For this blog I will make the introductions then step out of the way because this wonderful women managed to explain a number of things so well it feels better to let the true writer have the floor.

I am talking about a Body Positivity activist or better to say Content Creator “Danielle Akers”. Danielle is from Hertfordshire, UK and has a eye for Fashion, Trainers and Urban Wear.She is a makeup enthusiast and enjoys her meditation. She also has a passion for photography and Art with her favorite artist being “Yayoi Kusama”.

Danielle also likes travel and her photos show some breath-taking views.

And a Arsenal Fan – Whoop! Whoop!

Now lets get into this. We asked Danielle 2 questions and here is how it went down…

What is your definition of beauty and what issues do you think surround this topic?

My definition of beauty, is universal. Everyone is beautiful, and beauty honestly comes from within. Each and every one of us is so unique and different we must take the time to appreciate how beautifully different we all are. Beauty is acceptance of yourself, every inch, every flaw and every imperfection. 

I feel like social constructs both sometimes celebrate this and hinder it. Socially constructed ideas of beauty are bombarded to us daily which can obscure and create a false idea of beauty in our eyes which can lead to a lot of comparing ourselves to these “ideal” versions of beauty. “

Body positivity seems to be a trend or is it here to stay? Or is it another excuse for eye-candy? What are your views on this?

Personally, I am so glad that it has become more favoured as of recent. Whether it is deemed as a trend or not, I’m glad that we are embracing Body positivity and that more companies, influencers and models are celebrating this. I think its important to be inclusive and celebrating every single body type is EXACTLY what the industry needed. Hopefully, by celebrating all these different body types “society norms” will change and stop people feeling like they have to conform to have the perfect slim physique or a perfect hourglass figure. I do not think it’s another excuse for eye candy, and even if it is for some people, is that such a bad thing if it helps even one person feel slightly more confident in their body?

The answer to that question is you might just have a point!

Thank you to @danielleakers for the feedback on our questions on…



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