Urban glam life UK is a platform that allows beautiful women of all shapes sizes to be themselves, and showcase their Beauty and Body Confidence.

“Normal is beautiful”.

Women for so long have been put the test with models and the ‘everyday women’ being separated. Why can’t your everyday women be classed as a model, all women are beautiful.

For a long time I used social media to make myself feel bad, to follow women that had a shape that was unrealistic and unhealthy for me, but as I grew in myself I realised that you make your environment. I stopped following women that I would never look like, and started following body positive women that didn’t necessarily look like me but made me feel good for being me because they show themselves in the rawest form, revealing all their “flaws” and not apologizing for it.

I feel it is important for us women to support each other and celebrate our uniqueness in a positive way. We are all different for a reason and we should embrace that. The “normal” women doesn’t always fit in to adverts or films. Its only been over the past year that I have noticed a big influx in natural women being advertised and this is how it should be. We do not all have to look the same or aspire for the same things so why should our uniqueness not be celebrated and shown off.

The way I look at urban glam life UK Is as a normal women looking at all different women bossing it and being confident in themselves. That’s how all women should be, we should all feel confident enough in our self’s to do what we want to and dress how we want to. Be yourself and love yourself, surround yourself with what makes you happy and realize your worth. This especially obtains to social media, it’s very easy to feel like your not beautiful or your not the right size in one click, but by following pages
like urban glam life UK , it reinforces that I am normal and it’s okay for me to be who I am and get glammed up every now and then.

I feels so good to be able to look at a page full of women that may not look exactly like me but I can relate to them in a positive way , in life we are not always put in situations where you look the same as others and it can sometimes get you down , I know it does me , I use social media to remind myself I am normal and it’s okay to be confident in my own skin.
Sometimes everyone needs a little reminder that you got this, urban glam life UK definitely reminds me that I can be confident in who I am.
‘normal / natural’ is still beautiful.

Written by “Lady Louise”.
A Female’s Perspective.



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