A few years ago Urban Glam Life UK was born from a “Body Confidence and Body Positivity” movement which started alongside the trend. Since then we have worked with a range of amateur and established models, artists and more.

We have had to deal with “Bad Propaganda” and “Slander” but we have stayed faithful with our mission statement and continue to be a platform, which is supported through voluntary time and a passion for the arts.

Since the outbreak of the Corona-virus everyone has been affected. This includes the Rich and Poor, the Young and Old, Politicians and the everyday person you pass on the street. There are rumors of a 2nd outbreak and the Corona-virus mutating into different strands, so this is far from over. However, this does not stop there!

Social Distancing is another problem that is not going away anytime soon. So are the financial black holes that has been created in every industry. For example the millions of pounds have been lost through the cancellations of concerts and festivals. 5.6 million jobs and more have been lost and it is rising. A depression is looming because it will be impossible to recover so quickly from the industry lost as a result of the Corona-virus and social distancing. If you do not believe this then watch this space… things will unfold!

As a result Urban Glam Life UK has to evolve. We have made the decision that the music industry is not an area we can venture in for the future. The landscape of the music industry is changing and as a small social enterprise with less than 3 volunteers which only exists because of the voluntary work we put in we can not meet the expectations many artist have. Many artists believe success happens over the night. Other artists are seeking more Street affiliation which has nothing to do with “Beauty” or “Body Positivity”.

It is also important to understand that if you are a artist that promotes negativity, glorifies violence and extortion then this is something we can not be affiliated to.

This is because we network with professional organisations to create opportunities for our members, and many of these organisations are affiliated to government authorities which regulate online content. We do not wish to attract unwanted Police and Regulated attention. if you are a Creative and wish to collaborate with us please ensure your content is relevant to what we do. With the impacts of Social Distancing regulation of content is going to increase, so please read this blog and take the advice from it. The society we live in is changing.

We strongly advise aspiring artists and musicians to seek the relevant platforms and organisations to support their music industry ambitions. This includes the following:

  • Princes Trust
  • National Arts Council
  • Record Labels
  • other Charitable Music Organisations.

If you search the above you will be able to apply for funding and assistance.

Moving Forward


BEAUTY = appreciating female diversity, make-up techniques and make-up brands that cater for all colours of skin.

“BODY POSITIVITY” = this is the appreciation of the natural female woman. This is done with “Class” and “Respect”. In a society where gender is such a taboo subject we simply just want to appreciate the female gender and those who are comfortable in their gender.

The average age of models we promote on our platform is 21 years of age and over. Due to legal reasons we do however promote models 18 plus occasionally as this can be seen as a form of discrimination if we refuse. However, we encourage anyone making contact with Urban Glam Life UK to be 21 and over as we feel this is a mature age to understand the impacts of marketing and exposure in the public domain.

We are not a Dating Agency. We do not make arrangements for soliciting sex and you will be blocked or reported for such harassment.

This is a Heterosexual platform. If you appreciate alternative lifestyles you are welcome to find other platform that fit your preference. However, at Urban Glam Life UK we want to focus on what we know and appreciate. Please do not take offence. We can not be scrutinized or punished for appreciating a woman and we will not do the same for alternative lifestyles or platforms.

THE CULTURE” = our definition of the culture is more “Hip Hip” influenced. Hip Hop is a culture and art movement created by African Americans, Latino Americans and Caribbean Americans in the Bronx, New York City.

Hip Hop culture has 5 elements:

  • Beats
  • Rhymes
  • Dance
  • Graffiti
  • Social Consciousness

This means our content will be based on the 5 elements of Hip Hop. This does not mean we are a platform that buys Beats. You are welcomed to showcase your producer skills on our platform. The exposure could help you secure clients but we ourselves are not in the business of buying beats.

Rhymes is a tool for creative expression. This includes rap lyrics, singing and spoken word poetry. This does not mean we book artists, but you are welcomed to use our platform to promote your creative expression, provided the content is not negative or glorifies violence.

Dance is another creative expression. Again we do not book dancers but if you are happy to showcase your talents and want to promote your choreography on our platform you are welcome to do so.

Graffiti again, is another creative expression. Although we don’t work directly with graffiti artists we aim to promote this aspect of the culture through “Legal Graffiti” in the form of photo-shoot locations.

Social consciousness, or social awareness, is defined as consciousness shared by individuals within a society. It essentially means to be conscious or aware of the problems within a society or community. Through blogging and posts we aim to be a platform which helps to raise awareness of issues in our community and society. This can include issues of Racism, Mental Health and more just to give some examples.

It is fair to say this Corona-virus and Social Distancing has effected everyone in a number of ways and we are not immune to it. So as a result our focus has changed and have no choice but to evolve.

Finally, to conclude matters…

URBAN GLAM LIFE UK is a platform for:



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