Imagine walking into a supermarket about to go through your normal routine of buying food and necessities. You slowly start to get a heightened sense of that everyone is looking at you. I know what your thinking! Is is Paranoia… hmmm, let’s see!

I went back into the same supermarket on another occasion as part of my once a day exercise and this time an elderly white woman nearly had a nervous break-down because she realized I was keeping my distance but waiting for her to move as she was blocking the way to the the shopping isle. I mean all I wanted was a pack of Fig Rolls (Biscuits) and she froze and started pancaking. I was confused as she was not panicking when she passed other people (who were majority white). In response I urged her to continue with her shopping as nobody in front or behind her was obstructing her, and her attitude towards me was actually spoiling my shopping experience and those who she was blocking behind me, in effect creating a situation where the people behind her were unable to practice “Social Distancing”.

It is not my place to educate but please Black people do not have the Coronavirus, or the Covid19. It started in China and made its way across the world. It never started in Africa, or any other place. If you are a conspiracy theorist then you would know that the Black Community are in not in the financial capacity to create a Virus or finance a Vaccine.

Just for the Record – This Virus does not only effect ethnic minorities.


As I started to queue up to pay for my shopping and adhering to the social distancing instructions pasted to the floor I looked over to the till to my right and noticed an unusual long queue reaching half way towards the other side of the supermarket. I then looked behind me and there was absolutely nobody. I mean nobody! I looked in-front of me and there was just one lady who was about to finish paying for her shopping. I looked at the other tills to my left and realised people were also queuing up similar to the ones on my right.

So the only conclusion I could come to was that nobody wanted to queue up behind me and the wrong ethics of “Social Distancing” was being played out here. It was not Social Distancing. It was ignorance! I mean I am a healthy black man and I pray to the most high that this continues and for everyone who is Coronavirus free I also pray for you!

But please this is not the time to practice Racism though Social Distancing. Use common sense. I am sure it was not based on skin color but my shopping experience today was extremely Racist! I have been brougt up in the UK and lived in the UK all my life! I know nothing else. But this is the 1st time I have ever experienced some sort of indirect racism on such a large scale that you could go into a shopping mall and just because you are the only black person there somehow Social Distancing has to be applied to you in such an extreme way.

To make matters worse the people who chose to wait in the longest queue known to man were also waiting for this lady to finish paying for all her goods. She was there for a while as she packed her trolley to the brim. The queue was so long it was hard to say they were practicing social distancing. therefore putting themselves more at a risk then the 2 people who were in my queue. The lady finishing up paying for her goods and me who was next and nobody behind me.

They say “Racism is the lowest form of intelligence”… This statement might me true because why would you put yourself at risk because somehow you got it into your head this black person in the supermarket will give you more of a chance of catching the Coronavirus. How stupid and ridiculous does that sound…

I don’t wish to continue with the personal experiences as I continued to get the same stuff ignorance while walking home. However, I quickly learned not everyone is like that. I cross the road to practice social distancing when it is safe to do so but when it is not I leave the pavement and walk on the road creating at least a 1 metre gap between the person walking past me. i did that today to a white gentlemen and a young white woman. The white man smiled and said thanks. The white young lady smiled and said good morning.

I guess not everyone is the same! regardless of your negative views, racist opinions or prejudiced perspectives, it is important to understand…

COVID-19 aka CORONAVIRUS can infect anybody and everybody, Black or White, Rich or Poor!


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