Well just in case it’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym or been to a class I thought it would be good to remind you of just some of the benefits of exercise.

What benefits do you feel from exercising?

  • Does it cheer you up?
  • Does it empower you?
  • Make you feel stronger in a different way?
  • Sculpt your body to you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Make your mental health strong enough to face the world?
  • Help you to meet new people?
  • Make you take time for yourself out of a busy day? 
  • Make you healthier?
  • Put that pep back in your step?

Exercising doesn’t have to be mind numbing it can be for as long or as little as you want, so you can fit it into your busy day. There are so many different forms that are there for you, if your not sure what you want to try you can type in Youtube pretty much what ever it is you want to try and even do a mini session in your living room from there you can either see what classes there are in your area or carry on doing it in your living room exercise has to work for you in order for it to be a positive influence in your life if you dread your work out your probably not doing what’s right for you, after a workout besides the fact your body hurts and you’re all hot and sweet you should feel happier and more relaxed.

There are so many different styles of exercise now I know when someone says to you do you want to get fit you probably just think of the gym if that doesn’t inspire you to exercise then do a little bit of research as to what your area offers , you can do many classes that will get your blood pumping without having to use one bit of equipment, for instance , Dance classes this can be anything from Zumba to clubbercise or even starter dance classes for anything from street to Latin , Boxfit, swimming, yoga, running, spinning , Pilates, circuit training , toning and flexibility classes, aerobics and there are many more classes out there , exercise is so much more than a weight loss treatment that you don’t enjoy it’s a therapy its your time whether you want to go to classes and meet new people or you want to stick your favorite music on the highest volume while following a video, exercise does not know an age or an ability there is something for everyone and its even easier to find it now because we have technology that with one click you can find what you want but you have to believe in yourself and know you are worth that 30-60 minutes a day and you do deserve to feel good.

Even if the thought of it terrifies you after you’ve gone it may be something you never want to stop doing again or if it’s not for you what have you lost you’ve had an experience and now you know a bit more about what you like and what you don’t like but in the process you’ve had the health benefits of it so it’s a win win if you look at it like that.

What are some of the health benefits from exercise?

  1. It can help you sleep by clearing your mind and relaxing you.
  2. It can boost your confidence.
  3. It increases the number of endorphins that are released in your body and increase productivity.
  4. Sweat releases dirt through the pores which reduces acne and breakouts.
  5. It boosts your immune system which means you get ill less.
  6. Regular exercise helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  7. Improves mental health.
  8. It can prevent type two diabetes.
  9. Exercising increases the production of cells that are responsible for learning and memory.
  10. It keeps your metabolism elevated even after your work out and continues to burn calories even at resting.

I hope you read this and it inspires you to take time for yourself and look after yourself. what inspired me to write this blog is in this current situations of the lock down I’ve been doing home workouts and I’ve wanted to focus on toning my stomach and getting a stronger core and I typed into Youtube stomach workouts and found a two week challenge that has transformed a lot of women its ran by a woman called Chloe ting so I’m going to try this out maybe you guys will try something new to, I hope your all well and stay healthy.

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