I want to start of by saying, breath you have got this!

However we have to listen to the government at this point and throughout this situation in order for us to get out of this sooner rather than later if we don’t listen now we may find our self’s in lock down for a longer amount of time so please three weeks may seem crazy but if you look back in your life I’m sure we can all pinpoint a time that we didn’t think we would get through but we did just remember that time when your feeling a bit low and remember YOU got through it so YOU can get through this and most importantly STAY AT HOME not only for your health but for everyone else’s.

This is definitely a worrying time for everyone there is no doubt about that but all we can do is go through this together stay in and follow the guide lines that the government have given.

Take this time for you to :-
⦁ Ring family and friends you’ve maybe been wanting to talk to for a couple of weeks but not had time to.
⦁ listen to audio books or your favourite music.
⦁ Dance it out even if it’s in the dark it will get your happy hormones flowing and that’s definitely what we need right now.
⦁ There’s loads of people doing home work out videos if you need inspiration.
⦁ Use this time as a self care retreat we could all use some ‘me’ time especially in these times.
⦁ Do your favourite face mask or hair mask.
⦁ Watch your favourite film or box set.
⦁ Watch some comedy.
⦁ Clean.
⦁ Clear your all stuff out and sort through it.
⦁ Have a cup of tea and sit on your back garden.
⦁ Do some gardening if you have green fingers or maybe if you’ve always wanted to.
⦁ make a list of things you can do or even make a detailed day plan so you can look at that when you feel a little lost.

This is effecting everyone and trust me the way you feel everyone else feels to your not alone in this it’s very important you understand that , but we have to stay positive together, the best thing about this situation is that everyone is going through it so if you need anyone to speak to there are plenty that understands what your feeling and probably need to speak about it just as much as you do don’t be afraid to speak about how you feel, because 9/10 times after you’ve got that of your chest you feel so much better and end the conversation on a new topic and laughing and that’s what’s most important keep your spirits up.

The most important thing to remember is “YOU GOT THIS” no matter who you are “YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO GET THROUGH THIS !!!!”

For some inspiration to get you through this and hopefully put a smile on your face please listen to a track called “YOU CAN DO IT” (FREE DOWNLOAD).

Written by Ariel… (a females perspective).

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