When I first had ambitions of being an artist several years ago I was advised you could earn money off Youtube! Little did I know you would have to get an insane amount of views to appreciate any real amount of money to make any difference to your life!

For example, Youtube pay $0.18 per view.

Thats equaivalent to around 10p per view, and you wont recieve any money until your Youtube channels reach a certain number of views. If you decide to pay for the views it is very likely Youtube will reject it as most times it is computer generated and not real people.
So based 10p per view this is the amount of views you will need to achieve to recieve before Tax. Then you have to take at least 25% away due to Tax.

One Hudndred Views (x 10p) = £10 = (after tax) = £7.50p
One Thousand Views = £100 = (after tax) = £75
One Hundred Thousand Views (when Youtube are likely to start paying you something) = £1000 (after tax) = £750
1 Million Views (x 10p) = £100,000 = £75,000

As you can see you have to get a hell of amount of real and genuine views to make any substantial amount of money.

I had to write this article because it is becoming very frustrating when you work with a client or someone who may be new to the whole music scene. After you create a product for them they come back and think your making money of their work. Firstly, if your music or video is not generating anything from 1,000 you are not really making a impact as a artist. That is my opinion. Anything from 100,000 views then you can see some money from Youtube and by that point that is a one off payment, you don’t keep getting paid for nothing. You have to make another 100,000 views to see a next payment.

I can humbly say I have not earned a penny from Youtube because mine was the early days and I did not generate beyond a couple of thousand views. Probably if I tried I would get a little £50 but that’s a one off if I’m lucky! I still do music but I do it more of a pastime and hobby now.
There is a lot of politics in music. Some necessary and some a complete waste of time.

Like for example thinking of doing music so you can music money of Youtube. If this is your strategy I strongly advised you to STOP and don;t waste your money!

It does not make business sense. Imagine paying £300-£500 per music video to build your Youtube presence. You would need about 10! So 10 musid videos would cost you close to £3000. To ake that money back you would to generate at least 400,000 views cobined to break even, and thats before you pay again to advertise it online.

Then to make a profit you will now need to generate another 400,000 views to earn 100% profit.
So that means you will need to generate at least 1 Million Views from your 10 views to break even and make an extra £3,000 pounds on top of that.

As you can seen making money from Youtube is not easy and in most cases will not happen over night!

At Urban Glam Life UK our aim is to hire our media services out to the public and those who are confident in our quality of service. We do not make any money of directly or indirectly off your material. We get hired to produce your product and what you do with it is your responsibility as you are the copyright owner. We also give you further promotion by spreading the word of your talent, product or service. We decided to do this because we understand not everyone has the means or finance to promote themselves so by doing this we can be seen to be supporting underground talent, beauty and the culture with very little costs to us. We do this voluntary and do not earn any money from it.

If your gonna get involved in Youtube, do it for the passion, then if any money is made it is a bonus. But if you go into Youtube thinking you will make money and your not reaching the 100,000 to 1 Million Views, you will either lose a lot of money or become frustrated at that the fact you are very popular but with no income from your music.


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