Living in a society where everyone is able to express there opinion as freely as they want on social media is not always a good thing , people may say if your putting yourself out there then you have to be ready to face not only the good but the bad, but why ? why should people that may even live in a different country be able to make you feel bad for who you are , ‘healthy and attractive’ doesn’t look the same for everyone it doesn’t mean you are healthy to be certain weight or if your over or under that weight your not healthy because everyone is built differently, gone where the days that a ‘perfect’ women has to have big boobs and a tiny waist to be attractive or healthy but if you do naturally have big boobs and a tiny waist then go for it shake what ya mamma gave you because that is what nature has blessed you with similarly to women that are bigger and curvier you’re not unhealthy or unattractive in any way you are you and if you feel that your not healthy then it should be up to you and your opinion to make a change, it shouldn’t be that other people that have never met you can make a judgement on you because of the way you look at the end of the day there’s a jack for every jill and the only way anyone will ever truly be happy is by knowing its okay to be you, its okay to not look the same because if we where all the same well the world would be a very boring place however just because you may not find someone attractive or healthy does not give you the right to make them feel any less of a human because 9/10 times the person that your calling wouldn’t find you attractive anyway the difference between you and them is that they don’t want to make people feel horrible about them self’s because that’s not what we were put on this earth to do.

Its 2020 people we have more technology now than ever before and instead of being negative why don’t we use it to build people up its not hard if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it whether your a man or women anything that is negative should not be said because if the shoe was on the other foot I’m sure you would have something to say about it. We are all beautiful, strong kind, and most importantly unique and everyone of us has experienced things that others have not whether that be positive or negative but just because you may not be happy it doesn’t give you the right to spoil someone else’s day because you don’t know how that could affect other people, words cut very deep, I think people don’t realize that they can actually hurt someone even though the hate is more than likely coming from someone over social media and people don’t actually exchange words verbally it still hurt and to be honest in real live would you say those comments? Would you make someone feel like that if you where stood face to face? Because I’m thinking the answer is no and if that’s true then why are you doing over a computer screen because you know it’s wrong.

Written and submitted from a female perspective.

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