Now I say with this very seriously!

When I first heard about the Corona-Virus I did not quite catch the virus part and just heard Corona so I was thinking it was the Beer that came in a bottle and it was being pulled off the shelf.

A few hours later I realised it was a Virus outbreak, similar to that of the Ebola virus. A brief visit to an “LIDL” superstore I realised how serious people were taking this epidemic. All the “Toilet roll” was finished, completely sold out. For the love of Bagels even all the Bagels are all sold-out along with the bread. The next morning all the Bagels were gone from 10am with a few loaves of bread left. Seems like Bagels are more important than a loaf of bread. I went to a Pound store and all the toilet roll had gone and all the sanitizers had run out. I went into 3 Pound stores and it was the same thing! The strangest thing I have seen is the a woman grabbing a shelf of Paracetamols, literally emptying the shelf. If it is for the Corona-Virus I do not think it will have any effect!

Walking through a city centre in Yorkshire I came across local retailer who had stocked several packs of toilet paper for the public to stock up on plus something that looked like a Quarantine suit! Its deep out here.

Now the Schools, Colleges and Universities will be closing and even the Football matches are being cancelled and rescheduled until further noticed!

If you believe it or not! A conspiracy theorist! Your still going to have to take this seriously! This is serious. People are dying! So isolate yourself and protect others as well as yourself and lets see if we can all come through this on the other side with good health… Stay safe and Isolate…

Urban Glam Life UK

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