Stacey returns to urban Glam Life UK and enjoys a photo-shoot and discuss further projects as we continue to evolve and develop as a go to platform for urban “Talent, Beauty and The Culture”.

Stacey is a size 12-14 size model who has worked with a range of photographers and published photo-shoots. After a brief time out to deal with life’s commitments Stacey caught up with Urban Glam Life UK to catch up, take some snaps and enjoy our latest product release… Ocelot Vodka, a lush and luxurious toffee & caramel vodka liqueur, ideal for shots and cocktails.

Stacey was a little over-conscious of her size and weight after having not modelled for so long but then reminded herself what Urban Glam Life Uk is all about and that is a platform for Talent, beauty and The Culture. There was another thing she also mentioned about this brand and that it is a brand for normal people from normal people, just sprinkle a little glam.. lol. Not everyone is the perfect size and shape, but it feels good to dress up, add some MUA, take some great pics to boost your self confidence and morale.

Stacey was one of the very 1st models who worked with Urban Glam Life UK. We have enjoyed great photo-shoots and she continues to follow our evolution. I call Stacey… “Stacey Forbes”. Why… If Urban Glam Life UK had 10 of Stacey we would be one of the most established platforms in the business!

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