When the phrase “CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR” is put out there, the immediate thought you get is something connected or related to “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE“, and is most visible in relationships and marriages but sometimes friendships and associations.

Just to provide you with some examples I have experienced I can relate it to a time I was engaged. It was one of the most horrible experience I have gone through in terms of a relationship. I remember my ex-fiance leaving the house for work one time in a moderate skirt. She came back in a mini skirt. And this was a grown woman! When I asked her that it was a little strange she then proceeded to attack me and threaten me with the Police. The police came and confirmed she was crazy! They advised me to end the relationship as they could not understand the true nature of her complaints. She claimed she had injuries but the Police could see she didn’t have a scratch on her and realized Police time was being wasted. Conveniently she ended the relationship and I felt a great weight of my shoulders cause she was always making comparisons and it was turning me into a bitter person even though I had given up music and Urban Glam Life UK to settle down with her. Thank the Most High I didn’t.

Another example of controlling behaviour can be Parents giving you ultimitums when it is your life. I do not mean education, it can sometimes mean being disowned for not being a Jehovah Witness! Its deep…

Many people are under the perception that Males do not experience Controlling Behaviour, when in fact it does through Peer Pressure and indirect threats and taunts. I have experienced it all my life. I am in a steady relationship and even though it has its obstacles I no longer experience that controlling behaviour. Its more support and advice and with whatever decision I make I will support you and vice-versa.

Below are some examples of Controlling Behaviour:

  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Financial or
  • Emotional

We all have different ways of managing behaviour. My remedy is to just distance yourself or stand up for yourself. Do not let another person control you and make you do things you do not want to do. Especially if it inconvenience you or contributes to your goals and ambitions deteriorating.

below we have listed a range of contacts for those experiencing Controlling Behaviour and need support. At Urban Glam Life UK we hold well-being as a important factor in happiness. Do not let another person spoil that. Maintain a healthy Well-Being Mind, Body and Soul…

Kirklees Support Agencies
Pennine Domestic Violence Group – 0800 052 7222
Kirklees Asian and Black Women’s Welfare Association (KABWA) – 01484 304338
Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing – 01484 414886
Wish Project (Women into Single Housing) – 01484 512739
Women’s Centre Huddersfield – 01484 450866
Women’s Centre Dewsbury – 07590 445846
Kirklees Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre (KRASACC) – 01484 450040

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