It was about 8:30pm as I sat opposite a Police Officer as he asked me questions in relation to an assault that just took place. For the purpose of this blog I will not reveal names or location to protect the identity of those who might have been involved.

As I sat there he proceeded to tell me that many of the “Care Homes” that are set up for the 16-18 age group are simply used as “Cash Cows” to generate vasts sums of money but never any good intention to help the young person and develop their life skills.

This is when it dawned on me that there was something strange going on here. 1 week prior to this assault happening I contacted management to explain that I had some concerns over a young person. For someone who is 16 years of age he was coming across very intimidating without any provocation. I also could not understand why this young person kept asking me about my wages and how much I am getting paid.

When I brought this to the management the response I got that the young person was a good kid and there was nothing to worry about. In addition to this I spent several hours of my time to sort out their National Insurance, Gym membership, Provisional license and everything. I did things for this young person that my won father has not done for me.

This is when I realized that my safety was not concerned. As long as money was received for this teenager that is all that matters. If I get injured or worse lose my life then it is OK, as long as the money keeps coming in for the young person then it is OK.

I was recently advised my contract would be terminated without a valid reason. Well, verbally there was a reason, but nothing stated in my dismissal letter. Through the gossip and rumors I found out that the Care Home I was working with has been closed down along with several others. What makes it even worse I am still expecting my last months wages.

After watching this from the BBC I fully agree the Care Homes for 16+ needs to be further regulated. I have seen so much and turned a blind eye. I even got threatened with weapons but never reported it. When the management do not care about your safety and well-being then working at a Care Home for Ex-Offenders can be a really dangerous and risky job.

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To read more on this BBC program and article please use the following link:

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