The Game is best known from the well publicised beef he had with 50 Cent and leaving or being kicked out of G-Unit. Whatever the story was it was clear to see the pair of rappers did not like each other and thank God they cleared the air or we would be swing another Biggie and Tupac situation. Although they say US rap as violent and promoting violence and Black on Black crime there are some guys who can paint you a picture with words or give you the bigger picture. The Game has never been my favourite rapper but I won’t hate on his success and good in him. But when I heard this single with “Anderson Park” on the hook I was sold. I just wanted to lay back, blow a pounding haze and sip on some Ocelot Vodka lol… After a long hard day grinding, hustling and working you can put your feet up to this one… And yes Game we know you keep it tucked and Stainless…

Check out the music video on YouTube…

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