Urban Glam Life UK is not here to judge but we always like to keep it real and provide a perspective. I can’t speak for everyone associated but what I can say it would not be a nice thing to do especially if your leading the other person one.

It’s funny how much you can learn from a conversation. While deep in dialogue a mature woman explained to me the complexities of dating… Well, the simplicity of it really. She said many people pair up or get into relationships just because they want someone to cuddle up to in the winter, then when it’s time to flaunt it. they are back in the market and single again. Regardless, of the other person having feelings or even catching feelings.

Many people out there value companionship. So I would think it is unfair to abuse that, especially when companionship is so difficult to find. If you both mutual accept then I guess it is between the two consenting adults. If you are a young person and when I say young I mean 18 and upwards then you might want to take sometime and ask if will you be OK once it time to go your separate ways. Remember, a lot of the experiences you have from 18 will 100% mould your future relationships, so be careful hibernating lol. As for the over 21 crowd all I will say is know yourself and your body. Cause at the end of the day it will be yourself to blame.

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