Urban Glam Life UK is pleased to introduce this lush Toffee & Caramel Liqueur Vodka to the market. Ideal for sharing as party shots or can be used to create your own Cocktail mix! The perfect warm up the evening before you get the sparklers out and pop those bottles.

Ocelot Vodka is not yet widely available to most retail outlets yet but you can get a taste of this exciting beverage when you attend the events we promote or in collaboration with for just £2-£3 a shot or purchase your own bottle for little as £25 directly from us. For orders please state quantity and delivery address to:




Ocelot Vodka is actively looking to recruit “Sales Reps”. Sign up and start your own “tasting sessions” and maybe become a distributor for Ocelot Vodka for your network of clients or region.

Purchase this lush bottle of Ocelot Vodka for only £25!

Ocelot Vodka is a creeper… So manage yourself lol…

The perfect warm up drink to start your evening… Ocelot Vodka

Ocelot Vodka.. coming to a retail outlet near you!

To order your bottle of Ocelot Vodka simply email us at: urbanglamlifeuk@gmail.com or call 07516116970

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Why not support us by purchasing some Urban Glam Life UK Merchandise products. Check out our Snapback, Smart phone accessories and Ocelot Vodka (Must be 18 and over to buy). Click here to Shop Now.

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