Urban Glam Life UK and its affiliated partners are seeking 10 Rappers or MCs to register with us for the “SUPREME BEINGS OF RAP BATTLE LEAGUE“.

This will be a opportunity for those who feel they have the talent and lyrical skill but is not getting the platform or opportunities to showcase their abilities.

You must be 18 plus, can rap your lyrics touching a range of subjects not just guns and murder but really intelligent and witty with your words. In return the events management, promotion and marketing will be handled by Urban Glam Life UK & Co.

If you would like to get involved please send your details to:



Now a little background information to what has inspired this project…

My love for Rap and Hip Hop came from not being allowed out much. My parents didn’t know being strict was only making me more curious to the world. I only had my TV, Radio Cassette player and my little sister to play with to pass the time. We couldn’t afford any Sky or Cable and Terrestrial TV did not interest me because there hardly any black related or relevant programs on in those times.

So music was my outlet for Boredom. I realized Rapping was just another extension of Poetry, so many stories and accounts can be relayed in Poetry so listening to the 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop I was able to get an idea of what Street life was about and gave me a wider perception of the World. There was more to the world then what my Parents was telling me.

I remember writing out all the lyrics to “If I ruled the world”. My mum found it and thought that I was going nuts! She still thinks I am lol but that is due to negative influences. I had scribbled out all 3 x 16 bars! Imagine smoking weed in the street without cops harassing”. She thought her son was going mad but little did she know she had an evolving articulate son.

A few years later I would start doing records myself and came up with my own version and wanted to tell my story with the song “Another Life”…

Another Life was just another way of me describing my neighborhood, my childhood and my perceptions of the world with lyrics like…

“I was always looking for a way out, a quiet boy that never followed but always stayed part of the crowd”…

“To find a drug dealer all you had to do was throw a Stone”…

“I’m far from the average MC, don’t question my ability to transform ink into metaphors and similes”...

They say you should never judge a book by its cover… I was definitely that “Council Estate Kid” Now you MCs who can relate to join us and lets create our own platform to showcase our articulate nature and abilities with a pen/pad or freestyle.

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