Urban Glam Life UK is pleased to bring you another powerful collaboration about to take place at “SOCA CENTRAL” at Club Safari alongside DJ Trini and CG1 Models.

First off, DJ Trini is a Leeds based DJ but serving the whole of Yorkshire and London with quality music and vibes at every event. Urban Glam Life UK has initiated the collaboration with CG1 Models which is also based in Leeds to attend and grace our presents with their beauty as they promote a new drink on the market called “Ocelot Vodka”. A sweet tasting Toffee & Caramel Liqueur which goes down well on its own or with a mixer.

On the night CG1 Models will be offering attendees the chance to try a shot of this new drink for as little as £2.50 per shot. But don’t estimate this beverage, it can lick you sooner than you think!

Would you like to become a CG1 Model ? All sizes welcome. Must be Body Confident. Register and get involved in digital media and events.

See flyer for more details and get your early bird tickets fast, this event is going to be filled up! Soca always is…

Meet the Team…

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Why not support us by purchasing some Urban Glam Life UK Merchandise products. Check out our Snapback, Smart phone accessories and Ocelot Vodka (Must be 18 and over to buy). Click here to Shop Now.

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