There will be alot of Clubs busy with People from different citys here, Students who have come to let their hair down.

Some who Just want to get Drunk and forget all their problems, others want to out dress the next person and go above and beyond to get noticed.

Przym will be busy, so go there early if you’re hoping to avoid the long que.

Drink responsibly, and dress according to the weather, coz if the females are wearing next to nothing but looking real attractive eg, Cat suits and figure hugging clothes and short skirts, but the weather is freezing, females best not expect me to be a gentle man and give them my jacket.

Because ill politely look at them as if to say, “yeah right, behave you’re self, ha ha.

So what l can freeze instead of them, ha ha.

They gonna shivering all night if thats the case, ha ha ha.

But with that been said l hope every one has a wonderful time.

As for the Parents trick or treating with their children please be safe, because people love to dress up in clown masks and play silly pranks.

I for one do not take to them silly pranks so ill be on my Back foot, fists clenched ready for what ever and Adrenaline kicking in.

So people be warned have fun but don’t do any thing that can trigger people to react aggressively towards you.

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