• 10 per hour x 3 – £30
  • £20 Travel Expenses
  • Full Glam Makeover (worth £50)
  • 2 Hour Photo-shoot (worth £150)
  • 10 Free unedited photos.
  • Optional – Free entry to Nightclub in Leeds plus 1 bottle of 70 CL Vodka, plus 2-3 friends on guestlists.


As a TV presenter for Urban Glam Life UK your job will be to host our pre-recorded shows and work on a range of subjects from entertainment, news to community. You will introduce and keep the programme flowing, interview subjects and communicate effectively to the audience what is going on with Urban Glam Life UK.

In order to be a good TV Presenter you will need to have excellent communication skills and be able to stick to the script and improvise if anything was to go wrong. Your personality needs to be infectious to the audience and your knowledge of the brand and the show must be up to scratch. So, there will be some homework before the show.


You hours will depend on how often Urban Glam Life UK need to film and broadcast. Ideally we would like to film an episode of UGLTV every 1-3 months. Each production should take 3 hours in terms of filming.

You will be given a “Full Glam” makeover by an Professional MAU (Make-Up Artist). This will take up to an hour. You will not be paid for this time. Don’t take this opportunity for granted. This could be your NEXT BIG BREAK!


  • All applicants must be 21 or over. Any talents 18 and over will only be considered provided they attend with someone who 21 and over and portrays a mature and ambitious attitude.
  • Our brand is based on Confidence and Diversity. Applicants should be comfortable and confident in their figure and image. Have a dress size between size 10 to 14/16.
  • Clothing Attire: You can choose your own styling and be comfortable in your selection. However, we are seeking confidence individuals to reflect the Urban Glam Life brand. Clubbing or Party attire would be appreciated.
  • All TV Presenters should be able to embrace our brand. This means give us credits on your social media posts and promote the work we do in collaboration with you. A failure to do this means an end will brought to our working relationship.


  • Urban Glam Life UK is happy to provide you with a professional reference for your next employer.
  • Liaise with Urban Glam Life UK and we might be able to support your next creative career move e.g. song production, music video, events management etc.


  • Applications evaluated. Successful applicants contacted.
  • Telephone Interview.
  • Face to Face.
  • ID provided and Disclosure Form completed once.
Become a TV Presenter for Urban Glam Life UK. Apply Now.


You can apply using one of the following methods:

  • Email 2 photos of yourself and why you would like to be a TV Presenter to:
  • DM us why you would like to be a Urban Glam Life TV Presenter on Instagram – @urbanglamlifeuk
  • Whats app or Text 07516116970 with 2 photos of yourself and why you would like to be a Urban Glam Life TV Presenter. 

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