When Urban Glam Life Uk was re-branded we got a lot of stick for some of the projects we was doing but could not understand all the negativity when we are actually tryng to promote something positive and constructive. Many claimed we were selling sex while others went as far as to say we are pimping ladies out! BAFFLED…

We have managed to define our role and our lane and that is Urban Digital Media and Journalism. We achieve this by providing a platform for Diversity, Confidence and Urban Music. The Body Confidence comes in because many women who are Plus-size and Curvy we felt they are getting marginliased and streotyped. Urban Glam Life UK has been set up to emrace this while not focusing too much on how sexy you look but how talented you are to go with those looks. In addition to that we try our best to work with women that are 21 and over. This is because we feel you are at a mature age to know what your getting yourself into when you put yourself in the public eye. This goes for everyone not just models.

Butterfly Models UK on the other hand is a platform set up speciaffically for Urban Glamour Models. It showxases some of the most sexiest and curviest women in the industry. Because of the nature of the content it is always advised that the audience be over the age of 21 because this is a platform which you could say strongly sells “Sex Appeal”. For this I think it is unfair to say throw shade on us as a platform or fabricate lies and theories of what we are tryng to do. We do what it says on the tin.

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