When I first came across Moriah Mills she was a Instagram model who was causing a lot of noise on the instagram for her curves and thiccness. I reached out to her to do a review on the rise of body confidence and more. She was happy for me to do so and I did a review for her when this brand was called “Allcurves”. Sine then Moriah Mills has totally done a 360 and decided to go into the world of Porn. Now lets be adults here, we have all watched some sort of porn wither it was for entertainment or sex education.

The reason I have written this article is that it is very easy to go from being a Instagram Model to doing Porn. Modelling is one thing but having sex on camera is totally different. We are not judging Moriah Mills because she is old enough to choose her own path in life but we have to be careful what messages this give out. Does having a body like Moriah Mills mean you should go into Porn. Well if your under 21 I would strongly say NO to this. Porn is one of those taboo subjects. You might think you can do it on the sly but try keeping it a secret and before you know it you will find the people you least expected will know your a porn star.

I also think if your under the age of 21 you are not yet sure of your path as there are so many alternative options for you. Plus once you go into Porn you cant undo it! Its out in the public domain forever and there is nothing you can do about it.

So if you have a Moriah Mills body please be mindful of the sexual energy you are putting out there. The argument is that you can not dress sexy and revealing 24/7 and not be expected to be seen as meat or a sex object. You get what you put out out there in the universe. It is sad to say but if you are dressing like this and modelling like this then you will attract sexual energy Now if that yours intention then good for you. But if it is not be careful what you are getting yourself in for.

Below I have listed some of the disadvantages of using your body and accessing the porn industry. The benefits of porn is the money and the fans but are you ready to sell your soul for money. I guess we all sell our soul a little in one way or another but the porn industry for women is a totally different ball game.

I have been approached loads of times from Porn companies and ladies to shoot porn scenes but I refused to do it purely on the basis I feel morally uncomfortable. Obviosuly if it was a matter of do a job or starve I might consider it but I would not recommend anyone to go into porn. I am sorry but I think there is more to lose than there is to gain What do you think ?

I just found this video as I was writing this and I have now heard she is leaving the porn industry It seems like she used it as a platform to enter a different field. But I am a bit confused if this will help her music career” Hmmm…

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