In life we aim to make our family proud of us and our selves happy.

The average human being life span is usually 100 years maximum.

Some are luckier than others.

It comes down to Genetics and a healthy life style.

As we get to about 30 years old, most people are at a cross roads.

Career changes, family responsibilities.

Are we really happy where we are in life.

If the Answer is No.

There are plenty of opportunities out there.

Eg self education the internet.

But the main thing is making positive changes.

“You can’t get new results doing the same thing”Once you have financial freedom, life becomes alot easier.

You can plan out events more easily.

With out the financial pressures because you either have Savings.

Or money put away for a emergency.

“But if you fail to plan, you have already planned to fail”

So make realistic goals stick to them, achieve them, pat you’re self on the back and keep going.

When you try something new and you aint good at it people will laugh.

But learn from it, and if you have to fail you’re way to success, no one becomes successful over night.

But remember this.”Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard

“So the aim is to stay focused on you’re goals try you’re best stay dedicated.

And remove unnecessarry people from around you.

If you’re Circle of people around you does’nt encourage you to do better.

Or inspire you.

Politely remove you’re self from them people because they are stunting you’re growth.

Because once we are old and Grey we all want to leave behind a Good legacy for our Next Generation.

And each generation is meant to learn from the last.

So lets try to be positive role models to our youngers.

And lets make a change in our own lives so we can be proud of our selves.

(Main thing to do is find out what you’re best style of learning is)

Me personally l learn from watching Documentaries and motivational speakers.

Others learn from reading books.

Some learn from being hands on.

Find you’re strength and use it.

And become the best person you can be.

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