Hi all. I’m Miss Grima. I am half English and Half Greek and it is a pleasure to be working with Urban Glam Life Uk, a much needed platform and an alternative to different types of urban entertainment. Talking about entertainment, you aint gonna see me shaking my booty 24/7, lets get that straight lol, I have a booty but like every woman I also want to be respected for my brains, appreciated for my inner and outer beauty and the booty is just a bonus.

For a long time I have been very body conscious and maybe insecure. I was down for sometime until I realised I have to appreciate me first before letting someone have a opinion of what I should look like. Ive recently started feeling more confident being able to wear some daring outfits for special occassions. Well, I did wear this red piece outfit to a festival recently and it did get a bit of attention. Lets say I have a 50-inch Booty! and yes it has been measured it.

This blog is just to introduce myself but you will see much more of me over time as I increase my confidence and maybe start embarking on some projects I have been a little shy to do. I like singing and even auditioned for X-Factor! Yes X-Factor lol That dont mean I cant sng though. But like everybody, we have our insecurities… Its about overcoming them.


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