I enjoy spending time with my son and seeing his face light up when we do exciting things. You can’t always take kids to the play gym and cinemas because we all have commitments e.g work, or other priorities e.g paying bills and weekly shopping.

Some other ideas are going to the park as long as it is not raining. But just going to a friends house, who has kids as well can be a awesome day out for children, a few sweets and ice pops cold drinks, when the sun is out.

All of a sudden the children are having the time of their lives.A few things like Drawing nice pictures is good.But playing out on bikes and scooters keeps the kids active and they are still socializing and interacting with other children.

Its a change from being on Ipads and Playstation 4s.

So Parents don’t feel bad if you cant take you’re children to Disney land during the Schools Six weeks holiday’s.

Because in you’re Little Boys and Girls, eyes.

You’re there Best ever Super Hero.

So keep being the awesome parents you are.

Ps try not to be like me, l give my son loads of sweets for a quiet life lol.

So although l’m the best Dad ever in my sons opinion, l’m still making adjustments and trying to give him more fruit so hes healthy and that all benefits when hes at his Martial art classes.

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