On my travels I bumped into a group of men in their early and late 50’s have interesting conversations whcih soon taught me about the history of Leeds as well as the area of Chapeltown. My first impressions I won’t lie was negative but after getting to know some of the people I quickly realised this was because of a racial divide I could not see had existed due to being new to the area, moving to Leeds almost 4 years ago.

Since then I have become more acquinted with the older generation and learning so much more about life and the wisdom shared from their negative and positive experiences in life. It might be because I have an older head or such thristy for knowledge and knowing more. Nevertheless these are never boring conversations.

I overheard a conversation of a new trend called being “G-Chedked”. In this case I often see the elders to get “OG-Checked”. This is because I am eager to know the generation mindset and how it translate to todays youth and what is going on in society,

Have a listen and see if anything sparks your mind. Debate and sharing opinions is always good because these things considered meaningless can help us make the right decisions in life! And I mean that literally…

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