Cameroonian Serge Mouangue and Japanese kimono designer Kururi have come together to successfully blend African and Japanese clothing cultures into a new clothing line. While the robe retain their traditional shapen the materials are said to come from Senegal and Nigerian.

Mouangue stated something quite interesting! He stated that the inspiration behind creating such a clothing line was not to make a profit or fashion statement but to spark conversation of cultural identity.

After doing some research it is interesting to see what actual comes up and is revealed. especially when you lookm at the original inhabitants of Japan becofre European colonisation and the absence of its history recorded. After a while you will might come to a realisation tat there is a similiarity in clothing culure between the Africans and Japanese in terms of the post colonisation fashion if you can call it that.

This creative project is very interesting and the creations to show how mixing ideas and thoughts only enhance.

Check out this documentary, you might find it interesting…

both culture’s aesthetics in the new line of kimonos by making use of Africa’s striking motifs and colorful patterns.

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