During my time as a underground artist “Jahreen The Dream” was one of the models I came across on the scene. A friendly and mature woman who was a few years my senior at the time was trying to elevate her career as a Vixen model.

What is a Vixen ?

Well the Dictionary definition is:

“A vixen is a female fox. Or it can be a woman with a temper. If you really want to insult a woman who is a little short on patience, call her a vixen. She won’t like it. Somewhere along the line the word vixen came to mean a hot-headed or ill-tempered person”.

Well Jahreen was not hot tempered. If anything, she was the opposite. Soft spoken, mature and carried herself. She came across very determined to make up for lost time and who could blame her. She was cute, thickalicious and sexy. If I remember from our formal meeting we had she had plans to go to the United States to further her career.

The type of modelling Jahreen can be considered controversial for some. I used to get a lot of stick when I started this brand because some complained it was very sexual. But then I would see the hypocrisy when they would then dead straight for more adult content material.

The difference with urban Glam Life UK and Vixen modelling is that we have decided to stick to our lane. I wanted to create a platform which would be suitable for those 21 and over. At this age we are all grown adults mature enough to make the decisions needed in life. At 18 you may decide to do a certain type of modelling but you might decide to change your mind when you get to 19.

Glamour Modelling often has mixed views. Jahreen The Dream overcame that and continued with her career which took her to the United States. However, you must understand this might not be for everyone. However, Jahreen we appreciate the iCandy.

Before you make this decision you must ask yourself are you happy if you one day want to stop. Because like “Adult Content” or some call it “Soft Porn” you cant get these images out. They are in the public domain forever! And that’s real talk!!!

But this is nothing to take away from the sexy Jahreen! One thing I will say, a positive about Vixen modelling is that the existence of women like Jahreen shows women have always been appreciated for a bit of P-H-A-T!

In other words it is now a trend when mans like me had always found the curve and plus size women attractive. I wonder who’s laughing now lol

Jahreen has gone on to interview top American artists such as Bun B and more, music video shoots. I am not sure what she is up to now but it was a pleasure meeting her, enjoyed your iCandy visuals, I wonder what you would look like with a “Urban Glam Life UK” photo-shoot…

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