Ever since I adopted a Vegan approach to my diet this has transformed my life completely. I used to be stocky and fluctuate in weight. My female friend even said I was a Plus-size male. I was not sure how to take that but she said the new physique is much more healthy although a bit of muscle would be nice lol.

Although I would not say I have continued with the Vegan diet lifestyle I do try and make sure my food now consists of Smoothies! This is because I have come to respect the benefits of nature and what vegetables and fruits do for you.

Here are some health benefits of smoothies:

  • HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT – I believe this to be true. Since changing my diet I can maintain my weight and keep a lean physique and add muscle when I choose and when I am not stressed lol.
  • MAKES YOU FEEL FULL – I am not sure how true this is but what I would say is avoid skipping meals and have a smoothie instead. At least you are adding vital nutrients to your body.
  • CONTROLS CRAVINGS – This is often linked to the cravings for food or junk food, But I will go even deeper to say it can help with Smoking cravings as well as alcohol. Trust me! When I went vegan for 2 months I found it hard to drink alcohol and even better, was able to control whatever cravings I had for alcohol. If you drink a lot discipline yourself to drink more smoothies. You will find that your drinking habt will decline.
  • SOURCE OF ANTIXIDANTS – Green tea is a popular source of antioxidants. You can add matcha green tea powder to make your smoothies rich in antioxidants, and these will help prevent a lot of diseases. Grapes, berries and sweet potatoes are natural sources of antioxidants.
  • ENHANCE IMMUNITY – Immunity refers to the ability of your body to fight against pathogens and diseases. This natural potential becomes degenerated due to several reasons. Interestingly, having smoothies made of ingredients that include nutrients like beta-carotene helps boost your immune system.
  • FIGHTS DEPRESSION – Fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in folic acid, like broccoli, spinach and bananas, help keep depression at bay. Patients suffering from depression are advised to eat healthy breakfasts, and smoothies can be very helpful for them.
  • BALANCES HORMONAL FUNCTIONING – Hormones play a large role in regulating our day-to-day functions. However, any imbalance in their respective levels can lead to grave repercussions. Moreover, a hormonal imbalance can invite several health hazards. Therefore, to keep your hormones working smoothly, all you need is a refreshing smoothie of your choice. This will make you feel cool and calm this summer.
  • CONTROLS MOOD SWINGS – Organic fruits and vegetables serve as excellent stress busters. Smoothies made of fresh ingredients relieve stress and help you stay happier and healthier.
  • BOOST BRAIN POWER – It is quite evident that that certain fruits and vegetables increase brain power and boost memory. Mental alertness and concentration is greatly enhanced by ingredients like coconut that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Smoothies with these ingredients help the brain work faster.
  • DETOXIFIES THE BODY – Foods like garlic, papaya and beets help cleanse your blood and get rid of several toxins accumulated in your body tissues. Thus to have a great breakfast you should include smoothies as reliable detoxifying drinks every day.
  • CURBS SLEEP DISORDERS – People belonging to different age groups around the world often face issues related to lack of sleep and restlessness. A healthy breakfast accompanied by a smoothie made of bananas, kiwi and oats provides calcium and magnesium in good amounts. This induces sleep and helps maintain healthy sleeping patterns.

Another tip to manage the costs of eating healthy is to buy your fruit frozen becasue it will last longer. Then with Vegetables buy fresh because in my optionion what you are trying to acquire is the nutritional benefits of vegetables. The fruit is for the added benefits and make the smoothie taste nice and exotic.

Another tip is to add a bit of honey to your smoothie if you have a sweet tooth. Trust me, its taste lovely!

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