This blog is going to take you back a few years. Well something like a flashback…

The UK Black Rose is a model who has been around for sometime. I first found out about her through Butterfly models and by then I mean it was early days. She was still popular but not the social media queen she is now. This is not to blow her up but as a model I worked with in the early stages I can’t hate! She has been on her grind from day one! I don’t know her like a friend but as an industry person I worked with her on my first rough music video “Friday Night Link”. She did not have to help me out but she did. I just wished I had been on my game more because I should have shot the proper version of Friday Night Link with her in it. I wont lie it was amatuer but I was so new in the game then you just had to forgive. But one thing I have never been criticised for is my music and lyrical content.

As well as finding the curvy or plus size woman attractive I wanted to portray a gentlemen side to me. I was never about Bad Bitches and Molli Rock! I was more your Jon B LL Cool J type of artists and it was refreshing to see a model appreciate that and want to support my musical career.

Let’s take a flashback and look at my very first video with the up and coming ukblackrose…

As you can see in the very beginning I had always wanted a represent the more naturally shaped woman but in a kind of elegant way. One of the frustrations at the time was that I was getting no love for it. The curve and plus size trend had not caught up then so people including those in my circle at the time ridiculed me at the idea of promoting “FAT” girls. They did not see my vision…

UK Black Rose started off as a model and host then tailored her career into a Personality, Artist and Entrepreneur. A journey many models take to elevate their careers.

This is not to take away from Urban Glamour Modelling. It has become an established trend and business in the entertainment industry. Wither you like it or not it appears it is here to stay. At Urban Glam Life UK our focus is not urban glamour modelling but if that is something you want to embark on we encourage women to be 21 and over as we feel you will be at a stage to make a mature decision and can fully recognise the implications that come with it. This is because once your images are out there it is gone for ever. This is what everyone on social media must realise and understand. Do point being upset someone has reposted. It s already beng re-posed by people around the world and you dont have a clue where it has gone or being used. Thats the world today!

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UK Black Rose has since gone from strength to strength. Still on her grind doing modelling and hosting I believe she has now embarked on a career in music spitting bars… Keep doing your thing and THANK YOU for helping me out with my first music video… It was all part of the many pieces in my puzzling life which brought me to create and establish URBAN GLAM LIFE UK…

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