When Dionne popped up from nowhere to show some love to Urban Glam Life UK it was kind of a new experience. I always thought Urban was a politically correct word for Black music but her appreciation showed me body confidence is an issue that affects women of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Dionne is happily married and enjoys participating in beauty pageants. Despite her age of 40 she is still looking good and confident in herself and her abilities.

She attended the last episode of filming for UGLTV and what a pleasure to work with. No ego, no attitude, polite, very easy to work with. This helps me as a creative because I can focus my energy on creating my best work or capturing your best look and angle.

A photo-shoot was being planned for May 2019 but unfortunately due to personal reasons I can’t share. At Urban Glam Life UK we would like to thank you for participating, sharing your views and in your time of need we pray for you to have strength to endure these difficult times.

We are a platform and entertainment brand. But we can put those things aside to discuss and support those who help as as a business and organisation.

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