Some of you may already be aware of Naomi Minott, as she let’s you know the waist takes over lol

Naomi is a model who was referred to me by my fellow industry associate as I wanted to focus my brand on a niche market and promote curve and plus size models of diversity. As a result I published a article on her promoting her as a dancer and actress. This was a few years ago.

It seems like things are going good for Naomi as I have seen her dancing live on stage with artists such as Wiz Kid and Dancehall artists. A few people have criticised her for her videos being too sexy and erotic while some says she shows too much flesh. But this has been mostly from women and not men, surprise surprise.

Thanks for reaching out to us, your journey has been a joy to watch and best of luck in the future.

Me personally, I think Naomi is an attractive woman who came to London with a goal to showcase her talents and she is surely doing that. If she is comfortable with what she is doing then who are we to judge. She is dancing and nothing more.

Naomi I would say is one of the models who got away. In the beginning I want to do some media production work with her and assist her with creative material. I think what slowed down that process was the fact I was going through some personal issues which I could not share at the time. But once my relationship had ended I was free to focus on my brand I reached out but I guess it was too late. She had already accumulated some hype and she was on her way.

Naomi Minott is a model/dancer who came to London a few years ago to embark on a career in dance and has performed live on stage with established artists in afrobeats and dancehall.

A shame but I understand. It’s life. It just shows you when someone is willing to work with you and is genuine about it then take the opportunity because it will not last for ever and they are not there to wait to offer you a 2nd opportunity.

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