The first time I heard this question I thought it was something to do with the Bible story of Jezebel and how she was manipulative. After it was explained to me I started to see where this spirit could come from. For almost 3 years I suffered Dismasculation. And thank God I got out of that relationship! If I had not I may have been grey before my time and could have lost my life and I am not joking!

Have you ever heard a female say the reason she is leaving you is because you are not her number one fan ? Love and relationships has nothing to do with being anyone’s FAN! #Realtalk

This may be a Jezebel spirit lol

My reasons for this is there is an influx of people loving themselves and demanding people should worship them. Another reason I know I came into a Jezebel spirit is because I could not understand why someone who claims she wants to get married would be constantly seeking the attention of other men even to the point of a Married man calling her phone while she is with her partner. She is obviously playing around. But what makes it worse she would then give a flimsy excuse and expect you to believe. But any female attention towards you and hell breaks loose. This unfortunately could be signs of a insecure person or someone with a Jezebel spirit. That’s if you believe it!

I’m kind of on the fence cause my previous relationship had all the makings of Jezebel spirit but then people could say that is just an insecure woman. Nonetheless, a Jezebel spirit can also exist in Men. And if both are Jezebel spirits then someone is in for trouble! Wither you believe it, its something to think about…

Check out this video on and get to know a but more!

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