Amazing thick curves on this dark skinned ebony beauty. I first came across AmazingGraceX when Butterfly Models was starting out and still in its early stages. It is now an established platform for Vixens.

I once had a coffee with AmazingGraceX at Starbucks. It was an interesting one. She was very polite but it seemed Starbucks was not the place she expected us to meet. I was there to impress anyone but maybe I could have made the effort. Problem is if you make the effort that could be judged now as having another intention. So I like to keep it basic first then build from there if there is going to be strength in a collaboration. Let’s say she is one that got away.

As you know we all have to follow our passion and the path set in front of us. AmazingGraceX has gone from strength to strength and has launched her own Youtube channel which to be honest was a good move as she wanted to move away from being a Glamour Model and be more of a personality and presenter.

To be honest since we last spoke I kind of forgotten about this Ebony Queen until I saw an invite from her on Facebook which has 25,000 plus followers.

For me Amazing Grace X represents how sexy and attractive a dark skinned woman can be and I am happy to see her doing her thing and to be honest kinda showing the US scene like we got that too!

We support and provide a platform for the talent society fails to or under-represents.

At Urban Glam Life UK regardless of what your skin colour or your body size, if you have the talent and drive, we got you. AmazingGraceX, we got you too! xx

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