Beyond Scared Straight is a educational programme for young children as young as 12 get to experience what it is like in Prison. Set in the United States of America you can see how young people start of with a life of crime without knowing of the consequences that wait for them when they reach adulthood.

A lot of people love to go on about being Bad! Being Gangster but not knowing what those words and titles really mean. Below is a video of a boy who meets his cousin in prison. Watch it, if you have a heart you will feel like crying, especially when he said… “I used to look up to you all”.

Below will cut your heart to shreds. I won’t lie man was in tears fam! I saw this mother just break down. Don’t care how tough you are you will find a soft spot for this scene.

I wanted to highlight this production because I used it as a video to try and advise my son growing up to show him the realities of Prison. It is not something you want to aspire to. He was starting to be more attractive to streetlife and I had to advise him that this is not the path. I was once a young black child and I got up to stuff, but my upbringing and religious teachings at the time helped to keep me from going off the rails.

I personally feel we need to start showing the young generation the realities of life. Lets stop telling them Santa Claus exists and they have rights over parents. Parents are there to teach! Not Society.

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