I was up late blogging when i checked my phone for updates and notifications. I saw RIP next to a rap artist I found familiar… It was Nipsey Hustle! My jaw dropped! That was out of the blue. Little did I know it was news that just came in. The fact it was on the 1st April 2019 makes it feel even more spooky when you think of the alarming rate many black artist are being killed, die of natural or unnatural causes, so-called sacrificial killings, its crazy.

Firstly I would like to give my condolences to the Family of Nipsey Hustle… Both his maternal family and that of the streets. This was a young black man I thought was going to do amazing things after claiming to won his own Masters in his raps. Is it coincidence or are more creative Black Men dying because they wish to own their masters. It was reported however, Nipsey Hustle was gunned down in L.A but no news about his killers as yet.

No matter how this young Black Man died it is still a loss. I mean it was his song “Dedication” which gave me the kick I needed after a messy relationship and family rejection. I decided to get back to Urban Glam Life UK after leaving it dormant or working on it in my spare time. Without that song I would not have found these combination of words…

“Dedication, Hard Work & Patience”

News like this just makes me feel like being “A Black Man IS Dangerous”. By this I mean no matter where a Black Man goes he is a TARGET! profiled, stereotyped, the whole works. W also suffer a double threat because our lives are at risks from our own. I as a Black Man and the creator of such a brand has been the target of so many rumours and gossip I just decided it was long being an artist. Especially in the UK where it is so small. I have received abusive phone calls then with no apology was invited to a females house. I declined because I knew it was a setup! This could have been me as a Black Man being reported Dead.

It seems like the more you put yourself in the public eye the more you are at threat because of people’s assumptions, what they hear, what they think, and most importantly they don’t even know you!

I never thought creating a platform to assist people under-represented could receive such negativity, especially when they display such a high level of hypocrisy. However, if I have to put my life on the line for something I believe in then why should I stop. I found it hard as an aspiring artists and no one supported me except one well known DJ in the Jungle music scene. Without his initial Free help I would not have managed to produce a single called “Another Life”, nor would I have been able to learn some of the early traps of the music industry.

If you don’t stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.

I stand for – “Model Diversity, Body Confidence and Urban Music”.

RIP Nipsey Hustle and Thank you for your readership, views, likes, follows… it is appreciated.

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