The chest is one of the most visible areas of the body so it would make sense to focus on this and get it right, for both masculine and feminine reasons.

One of the ways I get to keep my chest looking like I go to the gym when I cant make it for a few days is by waking up in the morning and doing a few press-ups and then when I go to bed. This helps my chest to stay in shape but some free weights in the gym and get that chest out and puffing!

I think this area for women is an area to also be careful. I am all for women going to the gym but too much muscle on a women I feel takes away some femininity but that’s my preference. If you are a female and want to get in body building no one is stopping you but at Urban Glam Life UK is about not conforming and being yourself within the natural parameters.

What better way then to attend the gym and put in the work to achieve a natural and gifted physique, regardless of being a man or woman.

Below is a video you can watch and follow the workout examples. Have fun in the gym… Summer is around the corner 😉

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