Bangles on the riddim yeah it’s F***ed!

When I first heard a tune from an artist I would not understand all words he was saying until I realised the vocabulary he using has been influenced by the streets of Birmingham. I eventually found out bangles is the name of his producer.

The tune that really got me was the tune you see above! These N***a’s aint the same! I could relate to this as I constantly kept asking myself why certain guys see things! But you just have to accept not everyone will agree with your opinions or ways. No matter, like Mist says me and these guys aint the same…

The highlights for me is that the way he comes up with his punchlines is not a style I have heard before, together with his real life raps and banging producer! Mist for me is UK and has a great deal of originality and authenticity, and catchy as well.

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