Let’s be honest this one seems to be one of the most popular areas to work out on the body! From a male perspective I won’t lie, it is an attractive sight on a woman when its done right! When I say done right I mean not body sculpted with products and cosmetic surgery (which can very dangerous if you remember the black woman who died a few years ago from a backstreet butt injection – our condolences go out to the family.)

That’s why here at Urban Glam Life UK we won’t promote plastic surgery unless medical needed. If possible, the natural way is always best! You will appreciate it more.

And the last thing. A nicely shaped bottom is not only dependent on doing some squats. Also work on the thighs as this will help add a better natural ratio from the bottom of your leg to your Glutes!


“If you would like to secure a Personal Gym instructor or Personal Trainer and your based in London or Leeds please contact:

Tel: 07516116970


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